For Humans and Pets

EQyss Premier Cream Rinse Conditioner


Before using Eqyss Premier Cream Rinse Conditioner, dilute the super-concentrated formula with one part conditioner to ten parts water. After shampooing, apply to wet fur immediately and then thoroughly rub through working through the coat down to the skin. Leave in for several minutes and then rinse clean with clear water. This conditioner can be applied directly over shampoo and then rinsed at the same time, saving owners' valuable time while grooming beloved pets. Contains no ingredients that will coat or damage hair, or that will strip the natural oils and vitamins from the hair.

Product Features:

  • Conditions rough, dry and brittle pet hair
  • Uses natural emollients, not oils or silicone
  • Helps detangle and replenish each strand
  • Shines and brightens colors
  • Uses a unique combination of natural emollients, not oils or silicone, that minimizes flyaway fur
  • Weightless and leaves coats shiny and luxurious and skin soft
  • Works for all fur types, long or short, silky or coarse
  • Safe for use on dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens, regardless of age or breed
  • Repairs hair cuticles by replenishing each strand, leaving the fur soft and tangle-free
  • A cross-over product, this is completely safe for human hair as well as pet hair