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Himalayan yakyPuff


yakySNACKS are our line of USA made treats. They include: yakySTICK, yakyTOPS, yakyCHARMS, yakyPUFF, yakyNUGGET and yakyCRUNCH. We are also pleased to introduce four new items to the yakySNACKS line! They are yakyYUM, yakyCHURRO, yakySALMON, and all new flavored formulation of yakyPUFF. The yakyYUM and yakyCHURRO come in flavors as well, providing different flavor profiles for your discerning pup, while maintaining the same great HImalayan quality that you love and trust.

From the beginning, we have tried numerous ways to utilize leftover Himalayan Dog Chews. After extensive research and hundreds of attempts later, we discovered that when Yaky Nuggets are microwaved, they puff up to about five times their original size. The result is a dog treat that is not too soft and not too hard, while maintaining the same cheesy flavor dogs love!

INGREDIENTS-Yak and Cow Milk, Salt, and Lime Juice.