For Humans and Pets


PawFriction is a revolutionary pawpad coating system that increases traction, improves stability and enhances your dog’s quality of life. PawFriction is a veterinarian-recommended paw pad coating for dogs that have difficulty standing and walking on smooth floors. The PawFriction coating enhances your dog’s downward leg force by preventing lateral slipping and splay-legging. With PawFriction, you can apply a coating that impoves your dog’s paw’s grip, reduces their risk of injury, builds muscle tone, and adds confidence. PawFriction was developed by a veterinarian and is non-toxic. The PawFriction coating will not damage floors and is very difficult for your dog to remove or destroy.

Each PawFriction kit comes with:

2 oz. Friction granules

1 PawFriction application tray

4 Medical-grade adhesive applicators